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ATTENTION: Small Business Owners:

Tired of paying too much in taxes?

SAVE $60,000-$270,000 in taxes during your life!

Save $2,000 to $20,000 a year in taxes, every year you are in business

This perfectly legal loophole is sanctioned through law and has been around for many years. It is a simple, proven strategy that many have taken advantage of but amazingly there are many still unaware of it and others who are not taking full advantage of it.

Hi, I am Rob Haertel, MBA, CPA, JD. I have been helping my tax clients for 44 years save millions of dollars in taxes which they have legally not paid to the government. In fact, although I have seen plenty, I have never done a risky tax shelter because there is no need to take that kind of risk. Not when we can safely save you money in proven ways to save taxes.

The $270,000 tax savings can be yours if you make about $126,000 in net income in your business (assuming you are in business for 30 years). Here are the annual and total projected tax savings on your income following our program:

            Net Income           Projected annual tax savings     Total projected tax savings over 30 years

                $30,0000                            $2,000                                        $60,000

                $50,000                              $3,500                                        $105,000

                $80,000                              $6,000                                        $180,000

                $100,000                            $7,500                                        $225,000

                $126,000                            $9,000                                        $270,000


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Our Triple Guarantee:

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2. We guarantee your tax return will be done accurately. If we make a mistake we pay the IRS penalties & interest.
3. We guarantee that no IRS agent will ever hassle you because we will communicate with them and handle your audit to its completion. 


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